To ensure smooth transfer, it is always best to reach out to the transfer school directly.  While your Penn Highlands advisers can help with transfer, connecting with someone at your transfer institution is very important.  Emailing a transfer contact is recommended so you have everything well documented. 

Below is a sample e-mail template that you can use to get the conversation started. Please feel free to copy, paste, and edit as needed. 

Also provided below is a list of transfer counselors that Penn Highlands works with regularly.  It's best to talk to a transfer counselor directly, rather than just calling the Admissions Office, because these representatives know the transfer process the best! 


Good afternoon,

My name is ……….and I attend Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.  I am interested in transferring to your institution for …..(specify major).  Attached is my unofficial transcript (Save the PDF from the left hand side of the Registration tab or click here).  Could you please review my transcript to tell me what classes will transfer into my intended major at your institution?  Would you also be able to advise me on the additional classes that should be taken during my time at Penn Highlands so that I can successfully transfer to your school as a junior and graduate in 2 years?  It is important to me to be on sequence to graduate on time. 

Thank you for your help with the transfer process.  I look forward to hearing from you.
(Your full name)
(Consider also putting a contact phone number)


Transfer School Contact List

Title Description File type

In this excel sheet you will find the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of transfer counselors we frequently work with.  In the last column you will see links for schools that have shared information about ongoing virtual meetings and visits that our students can participate in.


Questions to Ask

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These are great questions to ask transfer counselors any time you may set up a meeting with them.