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Black Bear Cafe at Richland Campus

The College is pleased to announce that it has partnered with A. Thomas Management Company (operator of the Thomahawk Deli & Grill) to provide excellent dining for students, faculty, staff, and guests.

The Black Bear Cafe is open from 7:30am-2:00pm on Monday-Thursday and from 8:00am-1:00pm on Fridays. It offers a variety of items for both breakfast and lunch, including daily specials and baked goods. 

Stop in and check out the delicious selections. More information and a weekly menu can be found on our website at: Student Life/Dining Services 

Meal plans for both employees and students are available!  Students can check with the Financial Aid Office to see if they have Financial Aid eligibility at Financial Aid Meal Plans or have the option to pay out of pocket.


Work Study Positions Now Available

Federal Work Study Opportunities for 2020-2021 are now posted on the Student Financial Services Tab.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 814-262-6454 or to see if you have eligibility.

Fall Schedule Information

 We are eager to get our Fall Semester underway!  

 Late start classes beginning on September 15 are still available!

 You can explore our class offerings HERE

 We have some new class formats this fall! Below is a quick description of each:



Split Section:  Students attend one class meeting in-person on campus.  The second class meeting is attended virtually at the time and day noted on the schedule. For example:

  • ENG110.5D.55  English Composition 1 – Monday 10:50AM – 12:05PM L211 (GO TO CLASS ON CAMPUS) – Wednesday 10:50AM – 12:05PM INTERNET (GO TO CLASS VIRTUALLY ON ZOOM on that day and time)
  • ENG110.5E.55   English Composition 1 – Monday 10:50AM – 12:05PM INTERNET (GO TO CLASS VIRTUALLY ON ZOOM on that day and time) – Wednesday 10:50AM – 12:05PM L211 (GO TO CLASS ON CAMPUS)

This class format allows us to have fewer students on campus and in classrooms at any give time.  Important: you MUST attend both class sessions each week, even if one is virtual on ZOOM.

Virtual Classroom:  Students attend all class meetings online on ZOOM at a scheduled day and time.  For example:

  • CIT201.80.80 Database Management     Mondays 6:00PM – 8:45PM  INTERNET  (Students must login to ZOOM at this day and time to attend class).  You can tell if your class is a Virtual Classroom section if the room is WEB and there is a day and time assigned for the class meeting.

Video Conference or ZOOM Class: Students attend class on campus at a scheduled day and time.  The class is connected to another class at one of our other sites. Both classes are taught by the same instructor.  For example:

  • CRJ150.1A.10  Juvenile Justice – Monday and Wednesday 12:15 – 1:30PM A142 (this class is in RICHLAND) AND CRJ150.1C.65  Monday and Wednesday 12:15 – 1:30PM S209 (this class is in SOMERSET).  Both sections occur at the same time with the same instructor BUT occur at different campuses.  Students sit in a ZOOM room and can be seen by each other and can interact with each other over video.

Online Class:  Students must login to the class in order to interact with the instructor, complete class assignments, submit work, complete readings and class activities, etc.  There is no scheduled time or day for the class to “meet’; students may complete the work according to the class syllabus and faculty instructions.  NOTE:  Your attendance in class is tracked by your logging into class and completing assignments.  You must complete your work on time.

In-Person Class: Students attend class meetings at a scheduled day and time each week.  Classes occur typically two days per week or one day per week.  The day and time of class(es) are noted on your schedule. 

Student Assistance Information

  Student Services Offices are Open! 
       Monday and Thursday: 8AM - 7PM
       Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 8AM - 5PM
       Please call or email for an Appointment
Registrar's Office 
Student Success Center
Student Financial Services

Office 365 ProPlus: Microsoft Office for Students

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for students is available at no cost through the Microsoft Student Advantage program.

The College’s agreement with Microsoft allows us to provide current students with the latest version of full Office both on campus and at home via online Office apps and digital download. 

For additional information or to access Office 365 visit the

IT Services Tab | Office 365 Page

Note: Office 365 is not currently available for ACE Students 

A Note to Fall 2020 Students