You must activate your account to gain access to myPEAK, college email, and on-campus network resources. 

  1. User Name - To activate your account you must have your college-issued user name. This was emailed to you after you were accepted to Pennsylvania Highlands.

  2. Password - Your temporary password is made up of the first 3 letters of your county name followed by your zip code.

    For example, if you lived in Cambria County and your zip code was 15904 your initial password would be: Cam15904
    Please make sure to capitalize the first letter as your password is case sensitive

    Note: If you are an out of state student your initial password will be made up of the first 3 letters of your state name and your zip code (e.g. Mar21517)
    For example, if you lived in in the state of Maryland and your zip code was 21517, your initial password would be: Mar21517

  3. Now that you have your Username and Password - Click to --> Activate your Account

    Please follow the instructions above or consult these Printable Instructions.

Note: You must allow pop-up windows from in your browser


Now that you have activated your account, it is important that you login into the myPEAK portal and familiarize yourself with the site.

You will use your college-provided user name and your new password.

College Email

It is important that you start using your college email now that you activated your account!

How do I login in to my email

Your email address is your myPEAK user name followed by:

Note that all official college correspondence is sent to this email address.

Accessing Microsoft Software through Office 365

As a student of Penn Highlands, your email is accessed through Office 365.

When you login to Office 365 you must supply your full email address for the system to recognize you.

Follow this Office 365 link, or click on the logo to be redirected to the site.

For additional information on Office 365 and the Microsoft Student Advantage program, please visit the IT Services Tab | Office 365 Page

Activating your account is a two-step process:

Step 1 - Create/Edit Profile - You will need to set up a security profile by providing answers to 3 questions that you only know. You will use this information to resolve future login issues such as resetting your password
Step 2 - Change Password - You will then need to change your password. You will login by entering your college-issued user name. and your temporary password. Follow the on-screen directions to change your password.
Need Help?
Please contact the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Information Technology Help Desk at (814) 262-6470, or by email at if you:
  • Did not receive your user name
  • Need assistance with activating your account
  • Are having difficulty logging into myPEAK
  • Cannot access your email or on-campus network resources

Printable Instructions

Please see the updated Printable Account Activation  Instructions below on how to Activate your Account for the latest version of the myPassword system.

Unless you have completed the two step activation process, you will not be able to login to myPEAK or your college email account.  You must activate your account by changing your initial password and setting up a security profile. 
One of the new features of the myPASSWORD program is that you are now able to unlock your own account.  Simply click on Unlock My Account above and follow the prompts in the program.  You will need to know the answers to the security questions you chose in your profile.  If you cannot remember the answers to those questions, please call the IT Help Desk for assistance at 814-262-6470.
Yes!  All you need to do is click on Change My Password.  You can use the generate new password feature or come up with your own and type it twice.  Please be advised that you can only change your password once every 24 hours. 
No.  You now have the same credentials for your myPEAK information as well as the Colege's wireless network and online printing.
Your college email account, Office 365, and Schoology will require you to enter your email address as your username, which is your You will use the same password for all.