A complete list of job postings can now be found online at College Central Network: www.collegecentral.com/pennhighlands
This site is free for all Pennsylvania Highlands Community College students. Alumni of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College are also invited to join for free.        
Activation Instructions for Students:
  • From the College Central Network website please select "Student" to get started 
  • If you have not activated your account, please click “Pre-registered? Activate your account!” to get started.
  • You will type in your myPEAK username (without the @pennhighlands.edu).
  • Then enter your school email address.
  • Click the “Find Account” button. You will receive an email to recover your account which will allow you to set your password and finish your registration.
  • Review the information under “Manage My Account” to make sure your profile is complete and in order to gain full access to the available resources.

If you are a returning user, please select student, and log in using your username and password.

 Upon graduation all student accounts will be updated and become designated as an alumni account. Your log-in information will remain the same.  

 Alumni who never registered or activated an account can create an account using the online instructions under "Alumni". 

If you need assistance or have questions about the site, please feel free to contact the Career Pathways Specialist directly at (814) 262-6457 or by email at bmostoller2@pennhighlands.edu.

Complimentary resources

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The Employer Directory can be found in the “Career Planning Guide” document starting on page 32.  If you would like a printed copy, you may pick up a print version of this resource at the Bookstore or Student Success Center at the Richland Campus. Please see the Education Center Staff regarding the availability of the print version of the Career Planning Guide at the following education centers: Huntingdon, Blair, Ebensburg, and Somerset.


Looking for a great way to make money and gain work experience on a schedule that works with your classes? Check out HireOwl (www.HireOwl.com). They can provide you with a wide variety of part-time job opportunities and short-term projects. Signing up is easy! Register with your school email and fill out a short profile and start receiving personalized HireOwl job alerts directly to your inbox.


LinkedIn is a tool for students and alumni to build connections, but frequently, many don’t quite know how to maximize their digital presence online. LinkedIn is one of many tools you can use to create a digital stamp that embodies your personal and professional brand. Begin creating your profile now on one of the most highly used professional recruiting social media sites at www.linkedin.com. 

If you are curious about how to create or update your profile to make your brand statement clear and noticeable, check out these five tips to make your profile pop today!

PROFILE PHOTO -Make sure your photo is a professional headshot. No need to pay for a full photoshoot, but have a friend or colleague snap a photo of you with a solid light-colored or natural background behind you. Once you have a few that you like, crop one to include no more than your mid torso and above. If you are in education or recruiting, you can likely have a bit more fun with your choice of dress in the photo, so let your personality shine through! Profiles with fresh headshots definitely get more traffic than those without.

HEADLINE - Instead of writing a boring snippet that just includes your job title (that’s in your experience section anyway!) try thinking of a brief, but creative description of what you do or what you’re particularly adept in. Who are you, independent of your professional title? For example, if you started own your company, instead of saying “CEO of Fran’s Cupcake Company” try “Dessert aficionado with a passion for sprinkles” which will make your profile stand out. If you work in a more traditional or conservative space, however, it is also a good idea to highlight the core skill set or motivation that drives your work. For example, if you work for a creative marketing agency, you might try something like “marketing manager with a keen eye for design.”

SUMMARY - While many people think of LinkedIn as an online resume, it’s more than that. The summary section allows you to craft a (brief) statement that tells your story. What are you passionate about? What drives you? Specifically, what are you good at and how does it assist you in making things happen? Are there topics or experiences that you have that contribute to your overall value that may or may not be tied to your current position? Write about it here. LinkedIn tends to come up in the top five results when someone Googles your name, so make every word count!

VANITY URL - Like most social networks and blogs, you have the option within your profile to create a “Vanity URL” which is a shortened web address for your page that fits nicely onto a business card or e-mail signature. Vanity URLs also make your profile easier to find in online search engine results.

RECOMMENDATIONS - I like to think of recommendations as “living references,” because your personal brand is not just what you say about yourself—it includes what others have to say about you, too! Asking colleagues, clients, or former supervisors for LinkedIn recommendations can only strengthen your professional digital presence. Bonus pro tip: it is better to give than receive! If you ask someone to write a recommendation for you, offer a recommendation in return—or at least send them a thank you note. It’s only proper!

-Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers


 Check out the following volunteer opportunities:

Conemaugh Health System – Memorial Medical Center: https://www.conemaugh.org/careers/volunteers

  • Volunteer opportunities exist for both groups and individuals at the Memorial Medical Center. Individuals are needed in the following areas: Patient & Family Areas, Spiritual Care Volunteers, Hospice, and with Administrative Assistance.
  • Also, check out the SupremEd (Summer Pre-med) Student Volunteer Program. This is a six-week program that offers college students considering a career as a physician the opportunity to gain experience in assisting patients through volunteering at a premier tertiary care, regional referral hospital, while also learning more about the educational journey of becoming a physician from current medical students, residents, and physicians.

Forage is an online resource which offers virtual experience programs designed by leading companies. Develop your skills and gain a real understanding of different roles and industries by working through these self-paced modules, with tasks similar to those you would undertake during a traditional internship.

What does it involve?

  • You will work through a series of resources and hypothetical tasks that are designed to simulate the sort of work you would undertake as an intern or full-time employee at the organization. It's a unique opportunity for you to try out a career at your own pace and in your own time, from the comfort of your home.
  • It takes five to six hours to complete one program and you can complete as many programs as you like. All experiences are completely free of charge for students and alumni from Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

Programs include:

  • Video instructions and real-life examples from employees within your chosen organization
  • Work that reflects real day-to-day tasks of interns and employees
  • Curated resources to help you complete the tasks

What are the benefits?

  • Sample what real life work at leading companies would be like
  • Try out different types of work and discover which career path is right for you
  • Build confidence and gain skills to get you ready for the workplace
  • Boost your CV with a company-branded virtual experience program and get a personalized certificate for your LinkedIn profile

How can I take part?

There are no lengthy application processes as programs are free and accessible to all students and alumni. Simply pick your program, create an account on the Forage website https://www.theforage.com/landing/careers/WtJnxFAMssCdSqm6H/pennhighlands and get started right away.

Disney College Program -The Disney College Program is a paid-internship. Each role offered through the Disney College Program provides a unique and diverse learning and working experience. From costumes to role responsibilities, participants will find that no two jobs are the same. However, all participants will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills, problem-solving skills and work on their confidence and self-reliance. The education program is designed to give participants a comprehensive, experiential-learning opportunity which will provide them an unparalleled enhancement to their academic and professional careers. Participants in Disney's Internships & Programs will be able to design a learning experience which will shape their program experience into an opportunity that specifically suits their needs and interests