How can I get a tutor?

  • Stop in the Writing/Math Center, Room B115 at the Richland campus for assistance with math and English or see the drop-in tutoring schedules for Blair. 
  • Need a tutor for another subject or at another location? Submit the electronic Tutor Request Form under Request a Tutor.
  • Students can submit requests for tutoring in other subjects aside from English and math, but availability maybe limited. 

How much does tutoring cost?

  • Tutoring is FREE for students.

How often can I stop in the Math/Writing Center at the Richland campus or the Drop-In Tutoring at the other centers?

  • Students can stop in for assistance as often as needed. There is no limit on visits to the Math/Writing center or the Drop-In Tutoring at the Centers.

I'm at another education center, is tutoring available here?

  • Yes! Please check for drop-in Math and/or English tutoring at your location.
  • If drop-in tutoring is not available for English or math or you need tutoring in another subject, please complete the "Tutor Request Form." 

I have a paper for a class and I'm struggling with APA/MLA style, will a tutor help me?

  • Tutors can provide assistance with research papers and properly formatting papers using APA/MLA formatting.

Do I have to be failing to get a tutor?

  • No, tutors can help you improve your skills and continue to help you build your grade. Tutors help with more than just information about a subject including study skills, organizing materials, etc.

Who provides the tutoring?

  • All peer tutors have been approved and recommended by instructors for the subject areas in which they tutor. Tutors are highly recommended by your peers who have utilized the service in the past.
  • Faculty and professional tutors also provide tutoring in the Math/Writing Center and at Blair, Huntingdon, Ebensburg, and Somerset Centers.
  • Professional tutors are adjuncts and qualified community members who have experience in the subject which they are tutoring.