Each semester, students are assigned 250 free pages of paper to their college computing account username.
Here are some guidelines for printing on campus:
  • In order to conserve paper, the college printers print in duplex. 
  • Many instructors use powerpoint slideshows in their lectures.  Only print these when necessary.  If you do choose to print them, place multiple slides on one page.
  • Try to save thing electronically instead of printing.
  • Use your pages specifically for academic work.
  • If you use all 250 pages, you may add pages to your account by purchasing them at $.05/per page at the Bursar's Window or at the receptionist area of the outlying locations.
  • Any remaining pages are not carried over to the next semester so if you buy additional pages, only buy what you need.
  • You may not transfer any portiion of your printing account to another person's printing account.
You can monitor your printing balance by checking the printing information at the bottom right corner of the screen once you log onto a computer.
Employees have access to printers and copers within each specific department.  Individuals are typically automatically mapped to the appropriate printer or copier.
As an initiative to conserve paper and cut back on printing costs, the College has instituted default duplex printing.  Every copier and printer will print documents in duplex, which means it prints on both the front and the back of the page.  If you do not want your document to print in duplex, you will need to check the printer properties and remove the setting.  
Here are some guidelines for staff and faculty printing:
  • Print smart.  Try to conserve paper usage.
  • Save documents electronically instead of printing when able.
  • Do not print color documents unless absolutely necessary.
  • When making large amounts of copies, use one of the high volume copy machines.

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