ACCUPLACER Testing Information

Once the student has fulfilled all admissions requirements and has been accepted, the ACCUPLACER placement may be required prior to registering for classes.

The ACCUPLACER test determines your placement in Math, English, and Reading classes at Pennsylvania Highlands. The ACCUPLACER placement testing is a requirement for:

  • all degree-seeking full and part-time students
  • all non-degree seeking students planning to enroll in English or mathematics courses.
Transfer students who have already demonstrated basic level proficiency will not be required to take the ACCUPLACER test, if proficiency is documented by official transcripts or other evidence. Visiting students from other institutions need to provide documentation from their institution to verify their proficiency level in mathematics or English in order to enroll in these courses.
It is strongly recommended that you take this test seriously and spend time in practice and review of all subjects. Your test results determine if you are ready for college-level work. If you are not ready, you will be required to take additional preparatory classes for successful completion of your degree program.
Practice ACCUPLACER sample test questions for Reading, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math can be viewed online at:
OR you can access a FREE study app from a computer, tablet, or smarphone by creating an account at:
Please read and answer all of the questions on the ACCUPLACER website or App as they will give you practice in test-taking and may serve as a refresher to you in each subject area. If, after reviewing these practice questions, you fell you need additional help, you may want to explore other resources including the following website:
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Questions regarding the ACCUPLACER placement test may be directed to the Student Success Center at 814-262-6451.
January 2017