Welcome to the Penn Highlands Police Academy Cadet Application Process

Please complete the items below which also include all of the forms listed in the required documents under the Forms section. All forms must be dated within 6 months of the start of class, and should be printed single-sided, no staples, and returned to:

Penn Highlands Police Academy

c/o Pennsylvania Highlands Community College

101 Community College Way

Johnstown, PA 15904

ATTN: Police Academy Director

  1. Cadet Application - Complete the Pennslyvania Highlands Community College Application.
  2. Pre-Service Cadet Application – Read and carefully complete the enclosed application forms. Please print or type all applicable information.
  3. Copy of High School Diploma or GED. (A copy of an unofficial transcript is acceptable if the copy of the diploma is unavailable.)
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport
  5. Copy of Valid Driver’s License and PA Individual Driver's History (or State in which you are licensed.) Use the following link for PA driver history: https://apps.pa.egov.com/IDR/Account/Login
  6. Copy of DD214 (applies only to Military Veterans)
  7. Firearms Training Questionnaire – Carefully read and answer all the questions contained on this form. State and Federal firearms laws establish eligibility for individuals to own, possess, or control a firearm. Convictions for certain offenses as listed on this form, as well as other disqualifying conditions also noted, would prohibit an individual from using a firearm and participating in the firearms portion of the police cadet training program(Act 120), being certified by the MPOETC as a police officer. Please sign the form after answering all questions.
  8. PA Criminal Background Check – Online by accessing: https://epatch.state.pa.us Cost must be paid with a credit card. Select “Submit a New Record Check” NOT “New Record Check” (Volunteers only). On the requestor page, select OTHER as Reason for Request. This method will give you immediate results. Please print and submit “Response for Criminal Record Check”, not “Invoice for Criminal Record Check”. The form must be dated within six months of the start of class, with a seal in the background. If you have lived in another state, over the age of 18, you will need to submit additional backgrounds from that/those state/states.
  9. Physical Examination Form – Must be filled out by PA a Licensed Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner. (Applicant is not to fill out the medical portion). The physician must sign and date the “Professional Opinion” section where indicated on the form. The exam must include a Drug Urinalysis ordered by the Physician. (Please see drugs to be tested below.) Drug screening results must be submitted with the application. Both forms must be dated within six months of the start of class. Applicants must sign and date the “Release of Physical Information” portion on the form. The physician may fill in uncorrected vision on the Physical Exam form if the applicant does not wear corrective lenses.
  10. Vision Examination Form - If the applicant wears corrective lenses, both uncorrected and corrected vision must be filled in by an Optometrist/Ophthalmologist, signed and dated, on the Vision Examination form. If the applicant’s uncorrected vision does not fall within the requirements of MPOETC, the applicant will need to get Lasik correction before the start of class. A Physician may fill in uncorrected vision on the Physical Exam form if the applicant does not wear corrective lenses. The form must be dated within six months of the start of class.
  11. Informed Consent Release Form – Carefully read and sign the enclosed Consent and Release Form.
  12. Driver’s License Information – complete and sign.
  13. PHCC Refund Form – Read and sign
  14. Psychological Test – Please contact a licensed Psychologist to conduct your psychological evaluation(MMPI).
  15. Post Traumatic Stress Evaluation - Please contact a licensed Psychologist to conduct your psychological evaluation (MPO-124)

Note: If any items are missing, incorrect, or received after the deadline, your application will be returned.

Police Academy students can apply for the following financial aid programs:
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal Stafford Loans
  • Alternative Loans
To apply for the Federal Financial Aid Program, you must do so after your acceptance interview.
STEP 1 - Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online @ https://www.studentaid.gov

PHCC’s Federal Code
: 031804.
STEP 2 - Financial Aid Office at PHCC (Richland campus)

Financial Aid Office
101 Community College Way
Johnstown, PA 15904
STEP 3 - Complete the above steps 8-12 weeks prior to the start date of your program.

Pre-Entrance Testing Process

You will be notified via email and/or telephone of your Pre-Entrance testing date, which includes the Reading Comprehension Test and the Physical Fitness Test. Please pack snacks and sports drinks or water, and wear PT clothes.

Reading Comprehension/Vocabulary Test - This test consists of a multiple-choice Nelson Denny Reading and Comprehension test which will last approximately one hour. Applicant must demonstrate the ability to read at a minimum 9th-grade level.

Physical Fitness Pre-Test – All applicants must pass, to the 30th percentile (Cooper Standards) of each listed event. The tested areas are timed and are gender/age-adjusted. The fitness test requirements are listed on page 19. Applicants must receive a passing score in each of the four tested areas.

Interview – After completion of an application, reading/vocabulary exam, fitness/psychological testing, you will be assigned an interview date. Please dress appropriately.

Tuition and other Academy Expenses - Tuition for the Police Academy is $6,500.00. Cadet uniforms, PT uniforms, and equipment will run approximately $750.00. Information on registering for the class and ordering uniforms will be given at your interview.


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