How do I log on to the Pennsylvania Highlands network, my email and the myPEAK portal?

In order to log on, you will need a username and password and you will have to activate your account. If you have not yet received your logon credentials, please contact the IT Help Desk at (814)262-6470 or stop by Room B111 at the Richland Campus for assistance. 

I've activated my username and set up my profile, but I can't remember my username right now, what do I do?

To retrieve your username, you will need to contact the IT Office.  Please call 814-262-6470 or stop by Room B111 at the Richland Campus.  We are unable to email any credentials

Is my username only for myPEAK? What do I use for my e-mail account?

No, this username is not only for myPEAK. You have the same credentials for your myPEAK information and also your college email account.  

What if I have emailed the helpdesk for assistance and have not been given my login information?

Please know that we cannot email login credentials.  You must call the IT Office to retrieve this information or preferably stop by the office in B111.  You will be asked to verify your identity.  If you come to the IT Office, bring your student ID card with you.  This is to protect your data and privacy.

Can I change my password again after I have activated my account?

Yes, you are able to change your password at anytime by selecting the myPassword option on the myPEAK portal homepage under Quick Links. 

I am enrolled for classes in the Spring, but not taking any during the summer. Will I have access to my email and myPEAK account?

The short answer to this is Yes!  You will have access to your email account and myPEAK account.  If a time comes when you are not enrolled at Pennsylvania Highlands for two consecutive semesters, then your email account will be deactivated, but your myPEAK account will still be accessible. 

How do I know if I am out of printing pages and if I am how do I add more?

As you may already know, each student at PHCC is given 250 free pages of paper for printing classroom research and material.  Once those 250 pages are consumed, additional pages may be purchased for $.05 a page at the Payment Window in the Bursar's Office.  To keep track of how many pages you have left, there is a counter located near the clock on the desktop.  Hover your mouse over it and it will show you your printing information.  It shows how many pages you have left under your login and how many you have used. 

I was in the library and I saved a document to the desktop and now I cannot find it. What happened?

It is imperative that all student work be saved to the student's OneDrive. You have access to this through Office365 where your email is located. Click on the tiles in the top left hand corner and select OneDrive. Here you can upload your documents and retrieve them from anywhere your are logged into Office365. If you do not save your documents to the OneDrive, you will lose them.  Once lost they are not retrievable.

I am trying to print a document that is 35 pages long and it will not let me. What do I do?

Currently, the maximum amount of pages students can print at one time is set at 30.  If your document is over this amount, you will have to break it up into two separate print jobs. Any documents over 30 pages will not print. 

I am a student or the parent of a student enrolled in an ACE or Associates in High School dual enrollment course and I cannot login. What do I do?

Please call the IT Helpdesk for assistance.  We will ask you to verify the student's identity and check to see if the student has authorized that we can disclose information to the parent.  814-262-6470

I am an ACE Student or the Parent of an ACE student and I would like to make a payment. Where do I go to complete the transaction?

If you are able to login to the Student's account, simply click on the ACE Tab at the top.  Then on the left hand side, click on the Student Ace Page.  All payment information can be found on this page.  If you are unable to login or still need assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk 814-262-6470.  If you would like to make a payment over the phone, you can contact the Bursar's office at 814-262-6437. 

Is there wireless connectivity available on campus so that I can connect my laptop or phone to access the internet?

Yes!  We do offer a wireless network for student use.  To connect to this network, click on myPHCC.  Once you are connected, open an internet browser window.  You will be taken to a page where you must login with your college network username and password.  Once you have entered this information, you will be able to browse the internet. 

Why are my documents printing in duplex?

As an initiative to conserve paper and cut back on printing costs, the College has instituted default duplex printing.  Every copier and printer will print documents in duplex, which means it prints on both the front and the back of the page.  If you do not want your document to print in duplex, you will need to check the printer properties and remove the setting. 
To print single sided only, change the duplex option to Print One Sided.