We're glad you're here and now it's time to boot up and get connected!
This is a new beginning that comes hand in hand with new technology, new accounts and new services all available to you as a Pennsylvania Highlands community member. The Office of Information Technology is here to help you navigate through!
Here are some quick survival tips as you begin your semester:
1. Activate your college computing account immediately. You will not be able to access any resources without activating this account.  If you have not yet received your credentials,  please contact the Help Desk as soon as possible. 
2. Login and check your email.  All Pennsylvania Highlands community members have a college email account that they are required to use and check for college information and communication.
3. Login to myPEAK and explore.  myPEAK is the hub of your Pennsylvania Highlands experience.  Login and find your Course Schedule, Advisor information or Employee Information and other important data.
4. Familiarize yourself with Brightspace.  Login to Brightspace to access your online course materials.  This will be used for all classes, including in-person courses.
5. Register for PEAKtxt. This service notifies you if the college has any emergencies or closings. Learn more about PEAKtxt here.
6. View your College Photo ID.  Student ID’s are electronic and accessible in the myPEAK mobile application. Once you login to the myPEAK mobile application, click on the menu option (3 horizontal lines on top right corner) and click on myID. 
7. Be sure that you have the appropriate software at home for your class.  If you intend to do most of your homework at home, it is important you have the correct software.  You can download Office 365 on up to 5 devices. 
8. Visit the College Library.  The library has numerous online resources available to you that you can access with your college credentials. Visit them today.  
9. Read the Acceptable Use Policy found in the Student Handbook.  
10. Review Printing procedures in the Student Handbook.