To view detailed course information  for a specific term, click on the named link in the list of terms in the Searchable Schedule Portlet. This will display the available courses for the term you have selected, and you will be able to view the Textbook pricing information in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) by clicking on the  Book icon ().  Additionally, you may purchase the book by clicking on the Cart icon ().  (See Textbook Information section below for more details).
To obtain a printable PDF version of the schedule please select the term link off of the Printable Schedules portlet.
Note: You must allow pop-ups from my.pennhighlands.edu

Schedule Information

When looking at the list of courses for the term you will notice the Schedule Section. Below is a break-down of each of the schedule components.
Depending on the the course type, you may have one or more Instructors listed for the course
This is the Day/Time that the course will meet.
In the case of an online course the Date/Time will be blank, as this is set by the instructor.
These are the start and end dates for the course.
The course location format is as follows: Campus/Room.
  • The first component Campus location, will be coded as follows: RICH = Richland Campus,
    = Blair, EBEN = Ebensburg, SOM = Somerset, HUNT = Huntingdon. The second component Room, will be the specific room at that location.
  • Online courses will be coded with the first component (Campus) as ONLIN, and the third component (Room) will be WEB.
  • Internships will be coded with the first component as the specific campus it is located, and the third component will be INT.


  • CADD - Computer Aided Drafting and Design course - This course will be held in the Computer Drafting Lab.
  • LECT - Lecture course - This type of course will be held on campus in a classroom.
  • LAB(x) - Lab course - This type of course is typically a supplement to core course, and will be held on campus in the specified lab. (Where x could = C - Computer, S - Science, K - Kitchen, etc.)
  • HYB - Hybrid course- This type of course will be held partially on campus in a classroom, and will have an online component.
  • INTER - Online course - This type of class will be taught completely online.  
  • INT  - Internship course  - This type of course is an internship, and the delivery method will be established by the instructor.  
  • VIDEO - Video Conferenced course - This course will be taught through Video Conferencing involving one or more locations.

Textbook Information

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008, textbook pricing information must be made available for students. After you click on a term link below, you will be presented with a list of courses available for the term. As the screenshot depicts, there are several links available for this information.
First is the course number link which provides you with detailed information about the course.
Secondly, you have a Book icon that will link you to our Bookstore for textbook pricing/ISBN information required for the specific course. Lastly, if you would just like to purchase the book, the Cart icon will take you directly to the Bookstore where you can shop for the required items for the course.
If you are interested in renting textbooks for the semester, please visit 
Rent-A-Text for more information and to complete a rental agreement.