Welcome to the Student Success Center

The Student Success Center at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College offers a variety of services that can contribute to your success in college. All services are provided at no cost and staff members are available to help you determine which services can be of greatest value to you.   
Services include:
Summer Hours of Operation:
 Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Fridays
Contact Information:
Email: SSC@pennhighlands.edu   Call/Text: 814.262.6451
Student Success Center Staff:
    Sabrina Lane, Transfer Services Specialist slane@pennhighlands.edu 814.262.3844
Mike Lucas, ADA Specialist  mlucas@pennhighlands.edu 814.262.6468
Mindy Nitch, Director mnitch@pennhighlands.edu 814.262.6433
Bridget Hall, Counselor bhall@pennhighlands.edu 814.262.6467
Ben Mostoller, Career Pathways Specialist bmostoller2@pennhighlands.edu  814.262.6457

Never Go Hungry

If you find yourself in need of food, please do not be afraid to talk with someone at the College.  Simply stop in the Student Success Center at Richland or the Center Office at your location and tell a College representative about your needs.  We want to help!